"Change, is a decision away..."
Melissa Meyer (Marshfield) lost 8 lbs and blew her performance test out of the water this month!
HammerFit Training is central Wisconsin's premier
fitness p
rogram. Our training is based on the science
of metabolic resistance. This type of training
produces more results in less time by burning more
calories, while also increasing the
hormonal profile and speeding up the metabolic rate.

We are very proud to say that our program has
successfully transformed more clients than anyone
else in the a
HammerFit Training has changed my life. I started working with
a trainer to learn how to use proper technique and how to get
results. Not only did I accomplish that, but also gained
confidence in myself as a person. I love how I feel after
metabolic resistance training. This experience has inspired me
to not only set out to try new things, but to be a participant in life
instead of a spectator watching it pass me by from the sidelines.

                                                                          -Kim Thoma
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